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Leasing a Home


everything you need to know

Selling a house is a big decision, there are a lot of things to consider. 

Financial implications, Should I renovate?, Should we stage our house?, Where are we going to move?, How much will it cost to sell?, Can I sell my house on my own?.......


As a FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL I am here to help guide you through the entire process and help you maximize your profits. 

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Buying or Selling....

We make it EASIER for you!

When a REALTOR® represents you, it means that they put your interests above their own. They use their knowledge and skills to help you in every way that they can. 

Life Estate Realty has 40+ years experience in Real Estate and Belinda Starr Scollick has worked with the Life Estate family for 6+ years. We represent a variety of clients including First TIme Home Buyers, Investors, Commercial Investors, Farmers and everyone in between.

Let us help you FIND YOUR DREAMS!


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